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ReMarkable Tablet: My Review

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s feature We’re finally checking out the remarkable tablet it’s a paper tablet and you can use to take notes to even create folders and keep yourself organized now a really nice balance between analog and digital I wanted to review a combination of things today the design the hardware the software and All you need to know but I will be doing a longer review. But without further ado folks. Let’s dive into today’s video

So you guys may have seen the remarkable tablet that I’ve been sort of sharing in a few videos and I’ve had it for about Two months now, and I’ve been following the company for quite a while now I think I first saw them on Kickstarter and was pretty impressed And the main reason I wanted to review here on the channel is because it’s as I said, it’s this weird combination weird between Analog,

you know paper to some extent and digital. So for example like to duyst and notion, etc it’s sort of like a Middle ground and of course, there’s going to be many people in the comments You know Asking me how it compares to iPads and other details like that and I’ll do my very best to come to that at the end But I will be doing a much more in-depth feature I want to share a few of the small things That have happened to me as I’m using this device and also how it frames itself as well So that’s a really important thing. How does this? frame itself and the way that they promote it on their website is it’s this Thinking tool and it’s designed to get you offline to help you utilize The written page to some extent so it really does sort of you know Really encourage you to get in the mindset of offline And try and work on this e-ink display

So let’s first start by talking about the design now first off. It is very thin as you can see It’s about a pencil length thick And it also has a very nice design something that I really liked on the back of it Is it the top and the bottom you have this like rubber that helps for example? If you want to put it on a table, so it doesn’t necessarily shake or move when you’re trying to take notes And that’s a really small detail But actually helps to improve your writing and also get you a bit more focused now One thing I’d say about the back while we’re talking about it is the the actual silverback that they’ve got here It’s it gets a little bit scuffed and I’ve been fairly careful with it keeping it in a portfolio that they offer with it I’ll talk about some of the accessories near at the end and actually, it got a little bit scuffed you can see the scuff marks and Naturally, that’s a bit of a pain.

Maybe that’s cuz I got the white edition. It doesn’t happen in the black one But as you can imagine something to note on the quality However, aside from that the eating display looks lovely. It works very well. There were three buttons at the bottom in the middle you’ve got the home button so that will help you to return home and the other two are for scrubbing between pages and What’s really nice is when you’re using it. It sounds like paper. I don’t know whether you can hear that But it’s sort of like this weird blend between you’ll know you’re writing on a digital device, but you’re also writing on Feels like paper there’s also this home button at the top or On/off button and you can hold it to go into sleep mode and you can hold it for longer to turn off Now something I’d say is the battery life is pretty reasonable on this device It touts a five to seven day battery life, but I’ve would say it’s a little bit less an app But maybe that’s because I’ve been connected to the Wi-Fi that it has inside of it, so I probably get about three to five days depending on how Aggressively I use it. I would say that if I for example used it for a couple of hours in the evening which I typically do these days because I I’ll explain my opinion here at the end of it But I’ll just for example be tire writing or making sketches or something like that And naturally that’s when the Battery depletes faster But the good thing about this is even though that three to five battery days life that I’ve experienced It does charge up in one hour. So that’s a pretty reasonable recharge time Okay, so that was more about the hardware and let’s talk a little bit about the software now.

Let’s talk about this This is the pen that comes along with it. Although this one isn’t there’s two types of pen. There’s like a Classic one. I don’t know the word for it and it’s also this signature one now they both what both work in the same way one is white one is black but as you can imagine It does allow you to write pretty well on it. They have these nib things on top and you can change them They give you some cartridges for free. I don’t think they get worn down as fast. I’ve probably only changed my once in two months But it’s something to note because obviously they’re I think the tips are in the range of say eight for an aid package twelve pound which twelve dollars which is fairly high for paying for nibs, but Again, something to note down when you’re purchasing this now inside of the software itself You can do a range of things now. I want to start with the Wi-Fi You can connect to your home Wi-Fi or whatever. Why find your on there’s no 3G cellular connectivity However, it does limit you to what you can do. You can do one of two things you can either Connect it. So that it syncs and you can see your for example your notebooks and notes on your Mac or Windows or You can upload PDFs or files that you want to annotate on the device and I’ve done this a couple of times mainly for like Two guidance documents for the house and read them on here And it’s helpful for annotating but nothing major It’s again something that you’ll find that you may use But you could probably do with something else you already use like scannable or Evernote now The one thing you can do is when you get set up, you can create these three areas and they’re called folders naturally Notebooks and inside of any of your notebooks. You can create notes now The good thing is one thing I was impressed with is they have things called templates? So for example, you create a note you don’t necessarily have to have it blank. You can have dotted notes You can have these pre created week planners and a range of other ones as well So you do get to start out both in portrait and landscape if you want to get started So once you create a notebook there is a range of options down the left hand side you get to change your type of pen and the pen can range from anything from ballpoint pens to fineliners to markers to pencils to paintbrushes and Highlighters as well. But something to note on the highlighter side is obviously this is an Ian display It’s only gonna show one color and that is dark so you can do shades so you can do I believe it’s a thin thick and Thick thin medium and thick and also when you’re using the highlighter, you can change the shade you Have an eraser and you can also move certain elements around you can zoom in zoom out So it is a very handy canvas Now there is something called Live View. I haven’t used it yet, but they do stay it’s in beta and I believe that means you can see on your PC or your Mac a Live view of what you see on screen? You can also do handwritten text and then convert it into text Because it’s able to analyze that and then actually produce Text when you’re on the screen so that can be pretty helpful for taking notes But I would say you have to be a very good writer I’m very loopy and it didn’t really some aspects of it didn’t understand my converting so I haven’t really used that feature aggressively since Now the one feature I’ve liked is the send by email feature Now the assembly email feature allows you to send any of the pages inside of a notebook or a notebook as a whole To other people in your team in a range of different formats so That’s very handy For when you’ll attach to Wi-Fi and you want to send it to somebody else and it does definitely look a lot more professional Being able to send it in a PNG or PDF, which is very helpful Now there are some abilities for sketches There’s thing called layers where you can edit the layers, for example You can change the template add a layer move a layer around so you can maybe add this different layer of Sketching if you’re from example an architect They do promote that a lot that this is more for thinkers than it is necessarily for folks like myself And you can also go and set it to landscape view as well as see a page overview or create any new page at any given time now one thing I started doing from scratch was I Obviously just started just getting stuck in with it. So I pretty much created a bunch of notes that I didn’t necessarily use Massively so be careful when you’re starting if you do because the notebooks obviously you can get carried away So I created this sort of new structure I’ve got now which is I pretty much just like active notes for content ideas and thoughts and things like that and Projects which a project-based notebooks for example, like house and business map so can actually sort of plan out stuff a bit more strategically So you do get to access menu where you can see all of your notebooks PDF ebooks and favorites you can view stuff in lists or gallery view, but those are the only two options and one thing I’d say is You get when you get the no remarkable Tablet you do get a version which does look incredibly different to the version. I’m showing you so make sure you go to Settings and check that you’ve got an able update on So on the settings side of stuff you can do a range of things. You can set it to flight mode You can change your account details you can change the Wi-Fi you’re connected to you can see your power and some of the battery saving abilities and also storage which is something I wouldn’t think I look at but at the same time you don’t really need to worry about storage that much unless You’re uploading soup super-heavy pdfs to this device for example, I’ve only used 0.39 gigabytes of 6.5 gigabytes, so I doubt then I’ll have to worry about Reaching that storage limit anytime soon You can also set a passcode and also change the hand writing Conversion settings so that you can change it to another language You can modify the keyboard as well as some of the other accessibility –zz so there is also something called quick sheets Which allow you to get started pretty instantaneously give you an example of the features, but in the bottom left hand corner You can see your battery percentage and your Wi-Fi So before I dive into the pricing and some of the questions I’ve been getting already I’m gonna say I like it I’m gonna say I like it 7 to 8 out of 10 and the main reason is I’ve never really had a Tablet. So for me, this is like a really nice experience That one takes me away from the screen and allows me to make like for example Content notes write notes write thoughts and I particularly enjoyed using at the moment for taking notes when I’m doing courses and Actually saving paper around the house Minimalist its style use of it because you’re using a little less paper across a day But it doesn’t necessarily replace a journaling or anything like that. I like journaling on paper I don’t know why I think it’s because I know that I’m gonna pass on to someone else in the future But I think the main reason I like it is because it’s really well crafted in its design and it also just works Very well. I just like that I think I really like it about they’re the things that sort of the cons I’ve noticed is That I would sort of like weirdly to be connected to other services but that sort of defeats the point of the product If for example, you can see a newspaper on here or get crossword or apps like that like Sudoku which I thought initially Then that might ruin the natural offline aspects of it And the thing that I don’t like as well is the pricing which I’ll come to in a mode I don’t think it’s very well-priced. I think it’s designed for more of a premium market I know that from seeing some of the videos they do and all that But then at the same time it is a bit steeper than I thought and I’ll talk about that in a moment so one of the questions that I mentioned earlier was why not just buy an iPad and iPad does all of this and more and why this is different is because It’s more of an offline tool. It’s to help you get away from that environment With an iPad you will get sons more value honestly if you when you look at the price You’ll go you’ll get tons more value getting an iPad and you could potentially get something like take paper-like Which I know ali abdel uses to add on top of your iPad to make it feel more paper-like But that sort of defeats the point of the tablet itself. This tablet is designed to get you away from that environment And I’m seeing that more and more as I use it because in the evenings if I still want to keep my creative mind Flowing it doesn’t necessarily I notice like even backers noting. They’re like, it’s okay to use this it doesn’t distract Me too much then say a phone with note of notifications and The other question I’m getting from new folks is like how good is it in terms of the sketching abilities? And again, I would probably give this about a 7 out of 10 I would say the iPad with the Apple pen from using it beforehand is definitely more accurate But what you don’t get with that is more of a offline feel is that I guess that touch of paper Then you would say for example with the remarkable So the pricing this is where it comes a little bit tricky to talk about because the pricing is high in the UK it’s 449 pound and in the US and in the US the pricing is 499 bucks So you’re looking at the price of a basic iPad as you can imagine that is steep This is actually the first edition There are now two two editions as of this video Which means I probably have to review them are remarkable to and sort of give you my opinions on it But you can get refurbished models on the site for like fifty dollars less But again spiit pricing, I wasn’t very happy with this pricing if I’m honest believe for the same amount of pricing you can get and a basic iPad the 128 gig model and you could install the paper like and display on it for the same sort of price But again Apple tend to wrap on huge Prices for their pens or keyboards or accessories or even going up a model so you may actually be spending a bit more Apple depending on what you go with now, let’s talk about the markers that you get with that Now the marker the basic mark you get is $59 so you can buy the pen separately, which means you then add up to 550 But I believe there sometimes you starter packets which include it for free But if you wanted a signature on its own, I believe that’s 99 bucks. So the signature pen is definitely nice It’s a really nice build quality and I really like the click Then it makes when you utilize it, but that has no value at the same time But I really like the pen then it comes with as I said the tips If you get an 8 pack that you need for the top of this pen then it’s gonna be 12 bucks So that’s gonna add on and the additional thing is if you want a folio with it Which is either a leather design or this sort of canvas II design I’m not sure what the quality or the name of the product is, but I’ll include it below which range from anything from $79 to 129 so you can definitely see why this is more of a premium Experience. It’s definitely look it’s definitely aimed for those businessmen that want to switch off but take really attractive notes and email them On now since we’ve done this video there is a remarkable – so I will look to get in touch with the team But my opinion is I really like this device. I’m continuing to use it as you can imagine It’s high in price to start out with but it’s something that I think I would probably pay the price again You know because I’ve actually found a huge amount of value from its taking me away from the screen It’s also giving me a paper like experience But then I’ve never had an iPad just take note into that And also it’s given me a way to creatively think in the evenings and that’s something that has Improved the quality of videos recently I think and it’s allowed me a bit more creative freedom You’re probably just saying pick up some paper Francesca because it would be a lot cheaper But again their guesses are somewhat environmentally-friendly Ok folks, so I’m looking in the future to do some more iPad apps. I’m looking to get an iPad soon I’m gonna look at the rocket book and put it against this I’m also gonna look to get the remarkable 2 tablet are there updates in that one looked a lot more attractive with the design? So, let’s see. I will be doing more videos about this I’m very impressed with this And some of the software side of stuff and the way that you can set up may be useful as a video so folks Thank you so much for stopping by if you’re new here to keep productive YouTube channel, please do hit subscribe also, if you enjoyed this video folks like it because that helps more and more people to discover it and also naturally gain a good review hopefully good review of the remarkable tablet and if you have one Please do share your description your experience in the description below or the comments below and if you’re looking at it maybe you can comment as well and Sort of share your thoughts and maybe I can fill in any of the gaps in the comments but folks Thank you so much for stopping by. I really hoped you enjoyed this feature and I will talk to you all very very soon Cheers, everyone. Bye

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