The dedicated mobile community for real sports enthusiasts. We’re currently in private beta. Request an invite: Download now on the iPhone Email Address Adrenaline Junkies & Diehard Sports Fans Welcome Home. Do You Love Mind-Blowing Highlights Real Rewards Daily Shots of Adrenaline THENXSIS FOR YOU Preview The Action HOME FEED Get the best content for the sports you love. UPLOAD PICTURES & VIDEO Inspire people with similar passions. LEADERBOARD Win awesome gear by posting. Get to Know Us OUR STORY We’re a team of die-hard sports fans who live to play and watch sports. Our mission is to Entertain & Inspire — that’s why we created the community for real sports enthusiasts who love seeing the most amazing highlights. WHY THE NAME XS? XS stands for Xtreme Sports and also means Excess Gear. We’re a community today for the best sports content; tomorrow content meets commerce and we’ll offer you the best discounted gear based upon your interests. The Team Nate Mihalovich CEO Abe McCallum Product Mike Marquez CTO Andrew Finch iOS

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