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Top 10 Calendar Apps of 2018 | BusyCal, Timepage

Hello everyone, welcome back to another video it is Francesco here so guys in today’s video We are diving into the top 10 calendar applications across all of the devices We’ll be diving into some really important ones as well as giving you opinion and ranking of all of them I just wanted to thank our sponsor this week, which is Hive Here’s a little bit more about height before we dive into today’s video so our kind sponsor of this week is Hive Hive is an up-and-coming project management software and they’ve been a sponsor here before on the channel back when I did the remote work series and it’s great

To have them back again for those who don’t know hive provides teams with a flexible way to connect over projects Interact with data and get more things done multiple project views is probably one of hives killer Features teams can use Kanban in calendar Gantt and so many more views to outline goals and stay on task Hive analytics is another powerful feature to using machine learning to create dashboards of action or insights for team’s productivity I’ve also brings together grade-a tools for your team’s to get things done the lengths of a personal action list forms and action templates time tracking integration with popular apps file sharing action cards and tons more even a resource management tool added very very recently the kind team at hive have passed on a 25% discount off your first 12 months on hive just used keep
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Productive as the coupon code and claim that one today Don’t fret guys if you’re interested in learning more about hive in a tutorial I have added a tutorial below which is available through YouTube and you can watch that one there So thanks again to hive for sponsoring the key productive YouTube channel So here we go with the top 10 calendar apps of 2018 so I wanted to put forward the ones that I rank in order so number 9 has to go too busy cow busy cow is an application available on Mac and iOS now it’s priced quite highly at $49.99 to the fantastical to pricing but it works very well and it does look extremely attractive Now number eight – go – tiny calendar now

This is available on iOS and Android it’s free and it does come with ads but it does give you a nice attractive Experience that you can use cross device. The next one is a calendar They do have a plus experience to this but it’s an Android only application The application is praised by a lot of Android users and it does have a really good rating in the App Store Now next up number six is time tree time tree is available on iOS Android and web it is free and very mobile friendly It connects with the likes of Google Calendar and other such clients But it does provide you at a great social experience in case you want to connect your calendar up with your family’s one number five has to go to moleskin a time page calendar such a Beautiful iOS application that does the job really really well now it’s full of gestures It’s full of gorgeous UI it is pricing eleven dollars, ninety nine per year But it’s well worth it in terms of its structure and activity number four has to go for me calendars five Although this is my go-to calendar application. I’d say the only thing that is the negative is it is it’s only available in iOS it’s priced at $6.99 can’t I page it does have great layout Viewing angles and addition of tasks if you’d like to use them number three is Outlook calendar This is gorgeous for iOS and Android It’s embedded and a desktop version is coming in 2019 Now the application obviously connects your mail as well, but it does look amazing And remember this is where sunrise went after the acquisition So guys what is in the top two spaces? Feel free to use your comments below to rank your top three applications in calendar space It’d be great to hear now. Number two is Google Calendar I would say iOS web Android versions work. So well And obviously they’ve got the Gmail and on now as well as a gorgeous new Google Calendar for web UI Now a first place and the most consistent definitely has to go fantastic how-to for Mac and I Wes it a pretty pricey application but is the most beautiful most functional application out there That I know of a lot of people love fantastical too And it definitely deserves the top spot as the best calendar application in 2018 Now before we go guys, I wanted to mention a few notable applications. They definitely deserve your attention First being son sama which is an application for task and calendar management rollo calendar, which is a gesture based application It’s currently only available in the US but it looks fantastic and works very well Any dude does have a task and calendar experience now as well as ticktick pro for jewel tasks and calendar management And I want to give a shout out as well on a huge nod to Polymail and spark for having such a great calendar application inside of their email client and Finally Trello does need to be considered in their power up They do have calendar application that does allow you to view all of your tasks and upcoming activities So guys hopefully that gives you a nice overview of the top 10 calendar applications It’d be great to hear your opinions in the comments below If you are brand new to this channel hit that subscription button right now It’d be great to have you here in this community But guys a huge thanks to hive sponsor who have sponsoring this full week here on the Keep Productive YouTube channel without further ado I will see you guys are very very soon Cheers

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