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The 10 Best Writing Apps of 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here. So in today’s video what we’re going to be doing is diving into the top 10 writing applications of 2018 so in this video what we’re going to be doing is specifically looking at writing applications Designed to help you with your scripts your novels or even your playwrights that you’re working on now these writing applications

Will include some of the note takers, but they will not act as note takers, so just think that in mind There is a separate video for note takers and that’ll be in the description below so guys just Before we go I’m in today’s video I just wanted to thank our sponsor Which is Setapp. Setapp is a subscription service for Mac users allowing them access to hundreds of applications under one suite and a set monthly rate now

You can check out my full review in description below, and you can also download it there too a huge Thanks to setup for sponsoring this week on the people of the youtube channel So guys without further ado, let’s dive into a few of these applications So guys the first application on my list is Scriven ear and it’s available Mac PC and iOS, and it comes in a bit of a premium, it’s used by award-winning novelist like Neil cross Michael Marshall Smith and


Karen Travis and Scrivener three the latest update has changed the way people Organise their layout in terms of the outline chapters and even progress behind the book is a whole host of strong text formatting abilities in this application and even tie the import and export functionality and Scrivener is used by a huge amount of heavy working professionals especially in the writing area Just a note before we move on to the second one there will be an article below Which will outline all of these applications as well as the pricing time stance and information for all of your knowledge?

So the second application is called by word. That’s by words found BY word so we feel a huge Apple lover This is available on Mac and iOS By word is a favorite among Apple users And I want you to use simple markdown editing to create stories thoughts and ideas Now my word is more targeted towards the text editor fans out there with a full range of markdown Functionality as well as simple text form I think theme changes But but it’s really reasonably priced for those who are looking from get to go from hobbyists to pro in no time the third application Is one that has been growing a popularity over the last couple years And that is Ulysses again a very Apple centric application Mac and iOS and has a quite a heavy premium at about $40 But you do get a free 14 days now You’ll see is probably the most beautifully designed of the writing applications Allowing you to have a distraction for experience while still having the access to functionality Ulysses also has an advanced folder setup to help you organize the most important projects you’re working on as well as HTML exporting and lots more Functionality like that now Ulysses is actually available through the setups description But whenever I ask people about writing applications. It always comes in people’s top Number four is a very familiar face for those who follow the channel and that is bear bear is a note taking application As well as a writer application to the application has emerged in the last year It’s available Mac and iOS And it is free So if you’re looking to maybe not take the leap just yet this might be the application for you It is really easy to start using the writing abilities you put all the text formatting as well as the markdown But the great thing about bearing is even a neat Organization fruit system through hash tags which makes it easier to organize all of your work and bring it all together at the end Number five is called focus writer. This is available for PC Linux and Mac There is a donation with this one, too Now focus writer is one of the simplest text editors on the market delivering a really simple writing desktop experience now the features that sort of make it a bit different on the daily goal setting allowing you to set a Goal at the start of your day of how many words you’d like to complete helping you to reach towards that an eventual goal that that writers always have and The next one is called I a writer not a eye writer a writer This is available on iOS Android and Mac and it’s also coming for Windows to believe it is a one-off fee But just check in the description below Cosette always changes, but it is very popular and it has been downloaded over 400,000 times in his first release year now I a writer has won the hearts of many of the hobbyists and Professional writers out there is a way to really just manage your drafts and keep your writing going on a consistent basis It’s got some huge timeout features like focus mode night mode and syntax highlighting allowing you to go in more detail When you’re trying to fix certain elements of your writing the applications aren’t pretty smooth And if you’re looking for that cross-platform experience this might be your choice So next on the list is Hemingway, and this is free vial of web And it provides you a pretty quick and easy access tool to check your writing Once uploading your element writing or even just starting on the application it will analyze your weed time count discounted readability rating and also give you an ability for Simple text formatting options now Hemingway is one of the most accessible tools if you’re looking for a dead simple free no signup tool to check your writing Another application that might be more for the screen writer in you In especially if you are someone who is going to take it to the next level This application final draft is used by the most famous of production companies like the likes of the universal BBC NBC and many of the other popular ones for to now final draft is an award-winning piece It’s available on PC iOS and Mac but when you look at the price you understand that you really need to be looking to go pro before using it a License to final draft is around two hundred and fifty dollars per license so making sure that you’re using it and all of the functionalities like story timeline and Even an event plan of your script beat by beat is so valuable and important So the final two applications are really ones that you can use to optimize your writing experience And they are Evernote for those who know no evidence is extremely popular note taking application Available on pretty much every platform, and this application is really useful for writers as well I know a lot of writers that put all of their notes into Evernote and start building a novel or a piece inside of Evernote And then be able to go from there Which is am so amazed and this is due to its pretty clear in terms of distraction for experience allowing to use nice range of? Text editing so that’s one that is been growing a popularity and the final option is Grammarly and for those who don’t know you can create a new document Grammarly and start typing away and the great thing with grammerly is if you were maybe not To the most profound write in the world You can get a real-time feedback on your spelling and grammatical errors I use this all the time maybe because it is a bit of a stress for me Writing and not getting everything right so just making sure I check Stuff is so important, so those were the 10 writing applications I wanted to mention a couple of other ones that you could potentially use That are pretty notable now Google Docs is one of those applications that is very popular I use it for a lot of long-form writing and find it very very useful, Microsoft OneNote many people are claiming This is a great writing tool because it’s got the brilliant section pages Organization allowing you to write what you need to the next one is ghost and this is a publishing platform but has this really beautiful distraction for experience when you’re typing up blog posts or pieces and Also medium to is a very similar application allowing you to write up in a really beautiful sort of formatting experience allowing you to write up as much as you like using the editing function also another notable one – WordPress has started to introduce a distraction for experience where all of their sort of side mass falls away So it becomes a lot more focus But again a lot of these final platforms are more for publishing – so just take note of that Anyway guys. I hope did you enjoy today’s feature on the top 10 writing applications? You can check them all out inscription below with time stamps But if you’re brand new to this YouTube channel make sure to say hit subscribe and if you wanted to check out our Setapp who has sponsored today’s video you can check out the full review inscription below anyway guys Thank you, so Much for stopping by make sure to LIKE this video if you enjoyed it it might become helpful for another colleague Or a friend so feel free to share it too, but without further ado guys Thanks so much for stopping by make sure to a great week keep it active and I’ll see you guys very very soon You

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