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Top 15 Notion Tips for Beginners

Hello folks, welcome back to another video before we dive into this tour of this application and an overview I wanted to thank notion for being the sponsor of January 2020 They are the sponsors this month and you can find out all the details about them below. Now notion is an all-in-one workspace I’ll use it for a range of things and most importantly Holistically managing my work. I use it as my project manager.

I use it as a way to be able to see You know for example like each week I have like a business development Thursday’s sort of thing where I sit down I sort of overview what’s working What’s not working in terms of? Activities that I’m doing so it’s almost like a listicle planner for me I also use it to manage our upcoming list of stuff. We need to get for the baby also Workouts habits and for finance too. So it’s also become a treasure trove Planning and coordinating the majority of my life now. You can check it out in the link in description I want to pay particular focus on the New Year’s templates that are available I’ll include that link in description

But you can use the 2019 year and review the 2020 simple resolutions and also a great one That allows you to plan a bucket list – so notion is really accessible. I recommend tracking about in link and description. Thank you guys So guys this is the top 15 tips for notion beginners, hopefully you’ve downloaded a notion You’ve got a bit of an idea of it. If you don’t know what it is It’s it very simple all in one workspace. It allows you to do a range of different things You can build to-do lists applications project managers even note takers as well inside of it so this is really gonna be for someone who’s downloaded the application and Wanting to take their experience to a little bit of a next level So let’s dive in the first tip that we have for you is to sketch your look first

The one thing that people do is jump in the deep end one ocean and get a little bit scared The first thing to do is maybe to create a sitemap on your a tablet or your paper bit of paper and actually sketch out what you’d like to have inside of your notion what you like to Include in there once you’ve created this sitemap, it will make making things a lot easier inside of the application Number two is to sit down and agree what you want to manage inside of your notion if you want to and your to-do list There maybe start out adding the reading lists together or even being able to take short notes inside of meetings It’s important to agree that first and then to add to it as you go you want to be able to create a nice Skeleton experience before adding all of the body parts later So tip number three is understand all the floors first Now of course notion has many brilliant things about it But you just need to understand what things Might be around the corner that you Nate may have not seen when you started for example the offline plan It is not fully capable So do check out our video on all of their five major notion flaws that you need to check out first To see whether it’s a suitable application for you So just for long-term value, of course tip number four when you’ve gone ahead and created your workspace Make sure to add icons and titles inside of settings and members. This’ll help create a really nice-looking workspace and It’ll pay off when you you know, go and create some more brilliant pages Number five is to use a template gallery. This is a really great template gallery If you go to notion esos slash templates You’ll find ones that have been created by the community and ones that are really rich in detail and ones that will get your brain rolling with a few ideas Tip number six is to download the web clipper This is something a lot of people skip by but it’s great for clipping basic articles and also be able to upload photos But we’ll come to that a little later tip number seven If you’re a company, I would go ahead and assign a notion builder. This is someone dedicated in your company That will be upgrading the notion as I go This is a really good thing to have because if you and your team are adding stuff and building stuff you want to be able to have this one person that Administrates your notion to help stop bloat or for example you and your team like just chucking things in and it getting very complicated So number eight if you’re building a to-do list application Make ticks go away by sending a filter up that allows you to remove any checked items This is a really great tip if you’re creating to-do lists But also removing things that you don’t necessarily need to see in that glance view So tip number nine, you can create all your properties first when you’re building a database inside of motion the best thing to do is create your properties first because if you add two properties later, Might become a little bit confusing. So make sure you setup all those properties that you need. Here’s one from content calendar Make sure you set them up before so it just saves you a whole bunch of time later on Tip number 10 reduce your database use before going and creating a database for everything in the world Look at ways that you can Relationally database things and also produce a database that covers a few different things The one I use the most is a Content calendar. We also manage courses in here and articles as well So it helps us to bring everything together and we’re looking continually to reduce the amount of databases we use so that we have more consistent access to them Number 11 is to build your company’s HR department inside of notion It is a really cool experience to have you a list of your team members and some of their pictures But also some of the activities and things that you and company could be doing it’s almost like a wiki for your company So do check it out. It’s a great way to build a company’s database or even access to knowledge number 12 launch public pages instantly this is actually something that a lot of people skip out on if you go into notion you create this beautiful page and you want To share it Maybe it’s a blog post or maybe it’s a page that you think the community will value from or some niche community I know a friend who does Jurassic world? features, then he can instantly create that Jurassic world page and they’ll be able to press share and make it available to search inside of Google you can also duplicate it too so if you want other people to have The ability to copy that into their work space you can do so so launch public pages It’s quite a cool concept and it’s definitely worth checking out tip number 13 is when you’re on your iPhone or Android phone Use the share extension and upload images into a gallery It’s a neat way if you’re wanting to save some Photos from holiday in one area and you want to caption them where you want to organize them? This could be a cool way to do that You can upload as many images as you’d like if you’re on the pro plan, of course if you’re on the free plan You still get to there’s just a limit of five. Megabytes per file. Number 14 is setting up for the long term management And that’s one thing that a lot of people get carried away when they start the notion They just want to build a beautiful experience and continually modify it every single day What I definitely recommend is upgrading your notion every three months versus every week because you’ll get carried away building versus actually being productive So definitely recommend looking at a long term strategy in building your notion if you’ve worked out it the right application for you Number 15 is to join the notion made simple Facebook group. It’s a crack and Facebook group you guys will love it in it’s full of people who are newbies but also Pros, so you’ll get a great advice and talk about the upcoming features. So there there’s over 10,000 people there So you’ll be already fine a huge amount of value Anyway guys before we were all out a big fan key to notion for sponsoring this video You can also check out our notion made simple course if you’re looking to learn ocean from scratch We upload videos to it every week or so now and it’s becoming one of the biggest libraries for notion video out there So guys make sure to check all that out. I will talk do downs in a future video Make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys very very soon. Cheers ever

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