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Top 10 Note-Taking Apps 2018 | The Best Tools

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video It is Francesco here welcome to Keep Productive YouTube channel if you are brand new and if you are a regular, welcome back! So in today’s video we are checking out note takers just before we dive into the Top 10 note-taking applications of 2018 I wanted to thank our sponsor for this episode Setapp is a subscription service for Mac users allowing them to access Hundreds of Mac applications under one suite on a set monthly rate you can check out my full setup review in description below But I really appreciate them sponsoring the key productive YouTube channel this week, anyway guys.

Let’s dive into a few note takers So the first on my list is the legendary Evernote. Evernote is probably the most popular note taking application in the world with its 100 million active users the service still delivers a pretty impressive experience in terms of organizing your notes and Activities now whether it’s clipping something from the web or just taking a simple note with multimedia Ever new it allows you to do that Evernote has a free option as well as a plus and premium option And there’ll be a link in the description to it now if you’re someone That’s a bit more specific about the way they want to organize their note-taker


OneNote is a pretty practical solution Microsoft OneNote is very popular with educators and students as a way to organize notes for class It almost acts as a ring binder or even a Filofax to some extent with their sections function as well as their whole host of Multimedia functions OneNote is super popular and the great thing is it’s free with any Microsoft account Moving on to bear bear is a growing application on Mac and iOS And it’s actually a very impressive tool for those who want simple and easy to read notes Now with you’re creating the next script for a play or you’re even just taking a simple shopping list the easy to weep Markdown is very popular with many users It’s something that takes a little bit of time to get used to it and is really

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Apple focused but many people rave about it as a very useful resource this one is free, but also has a pro experience to Mill the next one is Zoho notebooks so who notebook has grown rapidly again in the last two or three years since its release and It’s been growing in popularity with its three dotto update now. It has an iOS and Android Application as well as a web clipper too and a Mac application so that you can access it pretty much anywhere And you can access it in the link in the description Number five is simple note, and we’re bringing this from last year’s edition simple note is really easy to get on with if you’re looking for an application that just Uses simple design in terms of being able to just literally add simple notes

Then this is great for you Now this application is available on Mac iOS and Android too, and it works great for all of those devices Number six is a new entry and that is notion notion has been growing in popularity as a Productivity Application and many people are looking to use it as their day-to-day note-taker and for projects and activities So notion delivers this pretty unique experience by allowing you to create your own workspace and people are loving that for note-taking Adding blocks and elements into that allows you to add lots of different multimedia to all of your different notes So next up is again a new entry it’s called agenda for Mac and this is relatively new but it’s growing rapidly and maybe because Agenda almost follow suits to no plan which would explain in a minute in allowing you to take notes Correlated two times or calendar events on your calendar, which is pretty impressive So whether it’s at meeting you want him to write notes for or even maybe making a plan for your next holiday you can correlate It to an event and get going it’s available for Mac and I have a feeling it’s going to be growing rapidly across 2018 Next up is

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Dropbox paper now This is more of a team selection But many people were using this as an individual note-taker across their day now for those who are big fans of Dropbox the storage site This could be a great resource for you Especially because you can have your notes and all of your different storage information from documents to files all in one place So Dropbox paper delivers some pretty amazing collaboration functions similar to Google drop Similar to Google Docs, so it’s definitely worth checking it out Number nine is no plan and this is a Mac application actually available in the synapse description It’s definitely worth checking it out No plan allows you to essentially take notes but in a beautiful gorgeous fashion and Attaching them to calendar events as well now very similar to agenda it actually goes a bit deeper in terms of its design Allowing you to do a few more multimedia Functionality and our final entry which is Google keep and this is Google’s version of a note-taker Allowing you to add simple notes checklists and even like audio files as well Google keep is growing a popularity mainly because people Unliking a real dead experience a simple experience like this And that’s why Bayer is growing in popularity Too and some people just want this clear space and Google keep keeps that ready for you It’s almost like having a post-it note board, but on your phone Anyway guys, I wanted to mention a few Additional alternatives that you can give a try to alter note on the synapse description provides you with a Evernote replica Tory experience and it’s probably worth the try if you’re bored of the Evernote UI Miglia note is an application for Designers to create and design their own workspaces to some extent allowing them to have this creative Canvas to do pretty much bring together any idea whether it’s mood boarding or even projecting a project Workflowy is another one in this follows a bit more of a rigid structure in terms of allowing you to outline all of your different projects and going into detail on them you can use markdown and information like that to make more context in specific notes and Finally one that I discovered recently toodle-doo has their own Note-taking experience inside of it of course the toodaloo is more known for its task management experience, but does have this element to it So it’s definitely worth taking note Anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed this feature the top 10 note-taking apps of 2018 Let me know in the comments what your favorite Notetaking application is I’d love to hear and also feel free to check out the Setapp description which will be available below I’ve done a full review as well if you want to explore the resource, but it’s definitely worth something I’ll give a huge kudos to because it’s a something that I find very useful my daily routine anyway guys Thanks so much for stopping by Make sure to subscribe here on the YouTube channel and be great to have you here back for regular videos, but anyways guys Thank you so much for stopping by make sure have a great week keep productive, and I’ll see you guys very very soon

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