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Introducing Microsoft 365: New Features in April 2020

Hello folks, welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel. Now some news. If you don’t know it yet, today is the day that Microsoft go from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. And what I wanna do today is just outline what that means and also share with you some of their plans and changes to their new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans and some of the new features that you will be getting in that and those plans. So without further ado guys, let’s dive into today’s video. (upbeat music) ♪ I gotta keep moving ♪ – [Francesco] So folks, on March the 30th, Microsoft announced that Microsoft were changing Office 365 to Microsoft 365 and I can imagine this is an effort to centralize programs and make things less complicated.

But this is rolling out today on the 21st of April. So they have also introduced new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans in an effort to get this nice balance between work and life. I think they’re definitely seeing a big movement in this space and a lot of people using their software. And apparently, this Microsoft 365 update is because more than 38 million people subscribed to Office 365 and naturally get access to the application. So it’s gonna roll out across the next couple of weeks and the next couple of months apparently. So they are adding a few additions to the line up. One thing we’ve covered here on the channel before is the Microsoft Editor.

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This is a Grammarly competitor that allows you to essentially make spelling and grammar and conciseness and formality modifications inside of your Word. It’s also a Chrome extension as well as an application that would be a part of the Personal and Family plans. So you’ll get much more with that. Now the second thing is they are upgrading the PowerPoint. Apparently you can become a better editor in PowerPoint by using this rehearsing feature, which allows you well, I think it uses AI, it’s like a presentation coach that basically recommends that you adjust your pitch, speech refinements. Very impressive actually and even giving you grammar suggestions and improvements to better phrase your speech, which is very cool, a very interesting new feature.

And that’s not just the only thing that Microsoft are doing with their PowerPoint. They’ve got this new feature called Creativity which will be available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But the Design Ideas feature essentially improves the way that your PowerPoints are set up, giving you recommendations. I think they’re probably adding this feature because a lot of people are looking at applications that are coming soon like Pitch, which is a new PowerPoint-style application, which actually is developed by the chaps who developed Wunderlist, so very, very interesting. And that’ll be available through Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And talking of Excel, they apparently have a new seamless way to manage finances in Money in Excel with the integration that connects with bank accounts, credit cards. Apparently, this is powered by Plaid? I’ve not heard of those before, but you can upgrade your finances there. I know a lot of families tend to do this and actually have money sort of set up and organized with their family, in Excel spreadsheets. They don’t necessarily use like a specific tool for it but they just go to Excel because it’s their solution. So you can get the checking and credit accounts, investments and other credit accounts all inside of this application so you can connect them all up, which is pretty cool. – Fetch the data for me. And there we go, on the right-hand side, you see that Fidelity has just been added in. On the left-hand side, all my line-by-line updates across now all the accounts that I have in here. I love the simplicity of this tool, of being able to manage everything all in one, across my cards, my banks, and my accounts, helping me to relieve some of that mental load of keeping track across multiple accounts. Money in Excel also generates a personal monthly snapshot for me right here. – [Francesco] And that’s not, again, more Excel coming at you. They’ve added essentially exploring subjects in detail with data types and smart templates. So for example, if you just say, like track your food and you put two pancakes in there and you wanna be able to see data on the calories and things like that, it’s got more work from Alpha data being added and it looks a little bit like they’re trying to take on Notion with this, adding this context, but you can see what I mean by these visuals. But that is gonna be quite exciting and apparently, it can access anything from data types, images, facts, and stocks, and geography which seems very interesting. And turning our heads to Outlook, Outlook actually apparently is getting a bit of an upgrade in terms of, in Outlook Calendar, they’re looking to get you to weave your work and personal calendars together. – We can stay on top of our days. With the new Outlook Calendar features, I can actually add my personal account right here. I’ve previously connected my Gmail account and with a quick toggle switch, I can include my personal events in my availability. And what this does is allow my co-workers to see my personal commitments as blocked time, allowing us to find mutual calendar availability and potentially avoid conflicts. – [Francesco] This has probably been a problem a long time. And obviously, a while ago Outlook bought Sunrise, so obviously they have that technology in there, but essentially they’re trying to bring and weave together plans inside of that. So you’ll be able to connect up personal calendars soon. And I think I talked about that a bit before about Skype and Microsoft Teams. You soon will be able to call Skype accounts via Microsoft Teams. So if you’re at work and you wanna be able to connect with your family, you can do so. And apparently, the new Teams application will weave in a lot of the family stitching so that you can keep communicating with your family. – Account here. Nadia and her family are planning a family reunion later this year. At this point, it looks like what you’d expect from a standard chat app. But let me show you how Teams is different and let me show you how Teams is helping Nadia and her family plan for this reunion. I wanna introduce you to the Dashboard, up here at the top right. This is a collection of all the important pieces you’d want at a moment’s notice within your group: upcoming events, shared locations, files and the like. In the chat you may have noticed that Maya had asked for her family’s frequent flyer miles. It’s located right here in the Safe where Nadia also keeps important passwords, account information, and rewards numbers. We’ve also made it incredibly easy to be able to share those things with your group. Inside the Safe, all the data is stored under two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, so it doesn’t give you any worry. This chat also has a shared group calendar. Everyone can easily edit important events such as flight times and dinners and then gives you the ability to see how busy the week– – [Francesco] Now one of the biggest updates that they had was something around protecting your family. So Microsoft Family Safety essentially allows you to protect them in the physical and the digital worlds. Essentially you can have and see all of your family, how they spent their screen time today, whether that’s on my Xbox, on Windows, on certain games, on Android, and apparently that is gonna help families become a bit more stricter on where they spend the time in as a family. So apparently this new mobile experience is coming to iOS and Android for MS 365 subscribers. And obviously that’d be incredibly valuable for those Personal and Family plans. – And with this information they can sit down and have a conversation about, what is the proper amount of time to be spending on this device? And how can they help them develop healthier digital habits? They both agree that they can set a guideline on one of his favorite entertainment apps and when Elliot selects this app, he can set an app limit that will go across all of his son’s devices, and he can choose to set this for a specific time of day or even a different limit depending on if it’s a weekday versus a weekend. – [Francesco] And apparently, they’re gonna be the same price but more valuable, which is always good. So the Microsoft Personal plan will cost $6.99 U.S. a month and also a Family plan, for better value, is up to six people and will be $10 or $9.99 per month. So that’s gonna have a lot of things and they’ve actually got this really neat breakdown in which you can see sort of outline of what you’ve got. The great thing is, with the Microsoft Personal plans you can go a lot further which makes it a lot easier for people like me who wanna have a Microsoft account and just have the ability to regularly do abilities without just using the free version which you get some limitations on. So that is some of the upgrades that Microsoft are having. A very interesting lineup and something that I will include links to in the description below. But folks, hopefully you found that useful. Please do check out our Microsoft Teams features, and of course we’ll continue to cover Microsoft in the future. So folks, thank you very much. Talk to you all very soon. Please do subscribe if you’re new and thank you very much! (upbeat music)

  Introducing Microsoft 365: New Features in April 2020
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