Apps · September 2, 2021

Introducing Google Tables

Hello everyone and welcome back to keep productive news if you are new to this podcast Please do make sure to subscribe on apple podcasts and spotify Now a new story that many people didn’t really see coming is that google have introduced something called google tables?

And it was basically built by An incubator within google called area one two zero And essentially it’s an air table competitor aiming to help teams easily track and automate tasks Enabling them to save time and work smarter And essentially you can do sort of project management it operations customer tracking And it’s very very similar to the likes of air table in the sense that you can build these sort of different views And you can integrate applications and you can work off templates and they do have this sort of feature That sort of stands out that makes I guess special to some extent That is called bots and essentially you can use these bots to like trigger emails update statuses or even send weekly reports Basically automations to some extent now this is a really interesting, uh, sort of project It’s currently only available in the us as a beta And it does already have a pricing plan, which I was surprised at but i’m guessing in the future They’re probably planning to weave this into g suite and how that works.

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It does have a free plan That is obviously zero dollars per month per user and includes a hundred tables a thousand rows and one gigabyte Attachments as well as 50 actions and limited history Whilst the paid plan is ten dollars per user per month gives you a thousand tables ten thousand rows and ten gigabytes per month And if apparently if you sign up through that you get three month free trial, but this is interesting It seems like google were sort of taking on the likes of Airtable with this but I also see them trying to take on apps like coda

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Um because they’ve got these different, uh layouts and views that help you to manage projects and change statuses Um very much like code does it even has a kanban view within it? To allow you to monitor projects and very much like coda has automations in the form of bots So it’s a very interesting project by this incubator inside of google. We’ll see where it goes Um, i’ve been saying for a long time that google has definitely um, you know, definitely should have been sort of working on uh working building drive google drive into something like notion, um or coda Um or on whether coda would actually be purchased by google, uh in the coming months. Um, but let’s see um, this is an exciting project for now and uh something that Whilst in its minimal format could be a good future for google as they sort of see The the focus on remote work and also on these sort of all-in-one hub workspaces So guys that was the news today. Hopefully you found this interesting Um, please do make sure to subscribe again to the podcast and we’ll see you guys very very soon. Cheerio You


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