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10 Best Project Management Tools for Teams in 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to be productive YouTube channel on today’s feature We’re looking at 10 project managers to consider if you’re looking for you and your team now teams are constantly looking for best project managers for their small and Medium size teams to get things done a way to view all progress Made and what’s next for your team to do now today? We have 10 project managers that you and your team can consider we’ll outline them share some of their best features and give you some thoughts of our own and send you on your way with a List in description below. There’s no particular orders to these and these are all rounders

So we’ll be doing the feature soon about some of the specialist tools that you can use per Department if you’re new here hit subscribe We do plenty of tutorials and guides on how to pick the most suitable work tools for you And your team so number one is rike This application is a great experience for those looking for an all-round project manager Now it does have something called collaborative comments allowing For example, if you uploaded in an image to be able to comment on my image and leave feedback in relevant points This is great for social media managers and many more it also has custom workflows Which is especially interesting for developers and those looking to make their own workflow as it go across a day

Now rike starts at $10 per user per month and it does have a free plan for up to 5 users Now number 2 on the list is click up all one word It does have a host of different features and is a rising star of the project management space now one of the things that people love about this application is it has a Solo plan allowing you to use it as a task manager as well Allowing you to use it both for work needs and your own personal needs and you can switch in between it has a range of different views, but one of the views that’s really exciting is the box view around to see per Person what other people are working on and this is something loved by a lot of their clients at the moment It is currently nine dollars per user per month for the premium But it does have a free experience with unlimited projects and unlimited sub projects

But only 100 megabytes storage limit and that’s something to definitely consider if you and your team don’t use too much storage Every all day now number three is Monday common Now you may have seen this one being popped up all over the place It is great as an all-round experience now Monday comm does have a progress tracker Allowing you to see all of your data in a specific view whether that’s map view can’t view and even carve you based on person or type of project you also have a host of templates to get you started with Monday comm so whether you’re a Freelancer or you’re just using it in a small team? Situation like an agency you can use the templates that get you started It saves you time building all of these templates from scratch now This one is a little bit more pricey starting at $25 per user and a discounted rate But you can access a trial to get you started now number four This is a Titan in space asana has a host of features and is much loved by the community online

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Now it does have boards which allowing you to organize all of your tasks in these card blank abilities moving them across in a Kanban style format a lot of people love this and find it really Creative because the sana makes is so visual and easy to use they also have a feature called timeline allows you to plot out your timeline with your team and see exactly who’s working on each piece of the work at any given time and Also get you an outline of when that’s going to be completed now This is $10 per user per month but it does have a free experience and do remember the premium unlocks some of the team features like Timeline and many more so number five is Basecamp now Basecamp is a little bit more pricier but it does expand for any team in any situation now base camp is Favorited amongst many people who work with clients.

It does have a lot of client ability So for example, you can share a board or an area with a client and start communicating through that board Which is quite exciting something that a lot of project managers tried to strive towards the message boards are great for real-time Communication with your team and also they have their own to use applications So for example if you were working day-to-day inside of the company You can track your own to dues and see how far you’re getting with. All of them. Now Basecamp is super creative They have a really interesting Company values so definitely worth checking that out. I’ll leave a few articles below now If you want to get access all-inclusive plan is $99 per month. No matter how big your team is now It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it for three of you or a hundred of you that is what’s so good about Basecamp is you have All-inclusive no matter what plan you’re on now number six is hive Hive is something we’ve reviewed here on a channel before so you can check out that review below as well as the Monday comm review Hive allows you to have real-time chat alongside your project management abilities and also they have a range of viewing options so you can see a range of different views one of the best ones that people Love is a table view and I want you to see all of the pieces of work you’re working on and be able to move And assign them to other team members I’ve has a medium level pricing at $12 per month But there is definitely a free trial to check out Now number seven is the raved about team Gantt now team cam the project manager Naturally allows you to use Gantt charts and that’s it specialism It does have a real range of abilities inside of those Gantt charts and makes itself a specialist in that area It also has a resource management software Then a lot of people appreciate all bedded into the experience now it is free for up to three people But after that, it’s $50 for up to five and plans can get a little steeper as you go out of that Now, do you remember guys naturally? All of these prices are subject to change so definitely check them out And of course there always be discounts and experiences that you can find online. No number eight is err table This is one of the modular project managers allowing you to create your own experience from scratch So if you wanted to you could customize a software to whatever setup you and your team use now what has blocks which are essentially Extensions for experience and I want you to add a range of features like even Maps being able to search other stuff up from research so it does have a lot of experiences and it has a host of templates to get you and your team started whether that’s an editorial calendar or a Team sprint you can use something called a table universe to find a template that suits you now It does have a free experience Although there is a premium experience which definitely unlocks more records per database and ten dollars per user per month Now number nine is liquid plan Now liquid plan is one of those reliable software’s a lot of teams use it and find it valuable for the time and budget Trackers it does have a really advanced setup there so you can really go into the figures and numbers And you and your team are working on perfect for if you’re hiring other people or freelancers and contractors to do work They also have a range of dashboard so you can see whatever your team is working on any given time and also Analytics to see how much time has been logged so far Especially if you’re using and taking advantage of those time track It’s now is forty five dollars per month per user a little bit steeper than many of the lists in applications here Now number 10 is notion and this is primarily a team wiki allowing you to create a host of different experiences so for example you could store your Google Drive documents in here and you can even create board like Experiences and also tables as well as a host of other database views now very similar to it air table It uses custom layouts and you can basically design whatever structure you like and use it from there A lot of teams are loving this experience Mainly because you get to create the workspace you want and teams can add to that as they go day to day So it’s $8 per month per user for the team plan, and it does have a free plan if you want to get started that limits you up to a Thousand blocks which could definitely be quickly used if you use it with a team, so guys if we’ve missed any project managers here We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below Please do share your own stories because when making decisions and those teams out there who are choosing those Applications you want to be able to get good advice? So use the comments below as a way to find out more about each application So if you have any stories do share them below will touch on specialist applications very soon for specific departments and teams So guys if you’re new here hit the subscription button and the like if you enjoyed this video and share it with another team member or even another team that you Find valuable. Hopefully one of these resources will match you up and these are naturally all-rounders So they’re going to be great starting point as you get started on your own journey. Anyway guys huge Thanks, make sure to subscribe and I will see you guys very very soon

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